Homa Family Medicine Practice | Annual Physical Exam Tests Germantown


Your annual physical exam is an important part of your health and medical care. Having an annual physical can help to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible. Physical exams can also be regarded as a preventative measure. It allows you the opportunity to get any vaccinations you have missed and it can help with the early detection of serious conditions.
During your annual physical, your doctor will also want to check your vitals. This includes your weight, blood pressure and heart rate, Annual Physical Exam Test Germantown.

Your doctor will need to get an updated medical history from you. Our doctor at HOMA Family Medicine will ask you about any new concerns or symptoms you may be having. At the end of your annual physical exam, the doctor may need to draw blood for testing purposes.

By communicating with your physician at your annual physical, you can learn more about things you can do to stay healthy , Annual Physical Exam Test Germantown.

At HOMA Family Medicine, we provide annual physicals including School and Sport physicals!