Positivity During Menopause

Positivity During Menopause

Menopause is a big transitional phase in a woman’s life, so much so that it impacts
every other aspect of her life, sometimes, for good. The transition is often difficult,
mostly because of the distressing physical changes that come with it. Having a positive
attitude, however, will also bear a lot of weight while you’re on your menopause journey,
in a way that can reduce symptoms and lead to a promising and new beginning.

Here are positive steps you can take to transform your menopause journey:

Have the right expectations.

This means knowing fact from myth. Being misinformed can cause you unnecessary worry and anxiety; on the other hand, having the right information will help you prepare for what’s ahead.

  • Myth or fact? The earlier you get your period, the earlier you’ll experience menopause. This is a myth caused by another mistaken belief that menopause occurs when a woman runs out of eggs. Female babies already have millions of eggs at birth, and it’s impossible to release all these eggs in a single lifetime. When menopause occurs, there are still eggs left in the ovaries, but they’re old and non-functional. The age when your mother went through menopause is a better determinant of when you’ll go through yours.
  • Myth or fact? Menopause symptoms go away eventually. This is a myth to a certain degree; hot flashes and vaginal dryness are symptoms that are permanent for some women. The good news is that there are a number of options available to them to help them manage these symptoms.
  • Myth or fact? Menopause makes women gain weight. This is a fact, but the weight loss is not caused by the reduced estrogen levels. Nightly sleep disturbances which lead to exhaustion during the day can make women less motivated to perform their usual workout; they might not even have the energy to do their usual activities. Lack of sleep is also a well-known factor in weight-gain.

Have the right frame of mind.

Some may become more anxious upon learning more about the difficult journey of menopause, and this makes it even more important to have the right frame of mind as they go through the physical changes that come with the transition.

A number of studies have established the relationship between positive thinking and overall well-being. And the same can be applied to menopause, which often also causes depression in

women. The condition signals the end of a woman’s reproductive age, and this knowledge can cause anguish in women who still want to bear a child, or those who feel their age weighing more heavily on them.

Having positive thoughts – focusing more on the good things you can and will still enjoy – will help make you feel less moody, irritable, and hopeless. You will feel less sad about the end of a stage in your life as a woman when you choose to appreciate, instead, the fact that it’s also a new beginning. There’s a certain kind of freedom in not having your monthly visits anymore; or you can simply be more proactive and use this time to embark on an exciting adventure because you deserve the extra dose of self-care.

Have time to and for yourself.

As mentioned above, use this period in your life to do something good for yourself – to balance out the difficulties and to simply enjoy some pampering. This is also a great time to, perhaps, start or restart a healthier lifestyle, which will help you feel good about yourself.

Make sure to find time to relax, as this is an effective way to combat anxiety and irritability; it will also help improve the quality of your sleep. Some healthy behaviors can also help reduce some of the physical symptoms of menopause, which will also lead to better sleep. Talk to a female primary care physician near, to get better guidance on the steps you can take to improve your life and manage your condition.

The goal is to make yourself a priority, if not THE priority. Do it because you deserve it.

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